Currently the Ore Dictionary Bus from the Extra Cells 2 mods is very limited as to how it can be used.

For example:
I can enter `ore*`, which tells the bus to export any item whose dictionary name has the prefix ore.

I cannot enter (ore*)|(cobble*) or any similar expression to request it export both items with dictionary names possessing the prefix ore or cobble.

This link provides good references on what to abide by when it comes to implementing regular languages and the Ore Dictionary Bus should do the same.

Because of this the bus makes my machines are less dynamic and I am required to build two pairs machine and buses. One for in taking ore and one for in taking cobble. Or possibly just one machine and two buses.

Implementing this suggestion may in the long run improve performance as less machines will be required by users to complete simple tasks.

This could be applicable to any other machines that utilize the Minecraft dictionary naming convention such as the digital miner.

Suggested by: UnsealedChip
May 20, 2020, 8:25 p.m.

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