Here's a brainstormed idea for the new tracking system

Tracking reward:
enables coordinates to drops that randomly spawn in the overworld.

Drop rewards:
either things that are found in crates or just keys

Tracking function:
Gives an approximate location of someone’s /home within an X block radius, gives a random /home that has been accessed within the last few days by the player.

Tracking command:
gives immunity to tracking temporarily for X seconds (could be affected by level). Has a cooldown for X minutes.

Tracking cooldown:
players gain immunity after being tracked for X minutes against player who successfully tracked them

Players can only be tracked by players who have tracking enabled

New item:
scanner – consumable that scans the area within an X block radius for players in the vicinity. Players who are found are marked temporarily (beacon). Tiers of the item increase the radius, amount of players, and duration of the mark. The item should not be able to be mass produced by resources that are auto obtained. Item should not be duplicated by assembler. Item could possibly be from defeating the end dragon if the end is reset daily or from chests/drops. Resources of the item could be found in the pvp mine.

Suggested by: pheonix0021
March 6, 2024, 6:04 p.m.

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