This is for the towny server!

I simply want to be able to use spatial pylons on the towny server.

If they are banned for lag reasons, I understand, they effectively create mini dimentions and can replace 250000 blocks in an instant.

However it would be usuful to be have then usable. It would let me move my base, create teleporters, and transfer dungeons.

Some may say that it can be used to raid people, however, there are methods in towny that let people make and use explosives in the overworld. Meaning that people have a far less expensive method to raid than using an energy and resource intensive spatial pylons.

In conclusion unless they cause too much lag, spatial pylons can let me and others move things with ease. They also would not be used to raid because of being monstrosity expensive and having cheaper alternatives.

Please unban them.

Suggested by: TheMadScientist2
July 18, 2020, 8:58 a.m.

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